Family Impact seeks to build families and transform communities through a grass roots approach whereby we both deliver programs ourselves and train others to deliver them in their context, be it through churches, communities, businesses or other organisations.

Our approach

By training trainers, we are able to increase the reach of our programs substantially as for every one person trained by FI, many more are trained in the community. Our training of trainers programs including equipping trainers with manuals, workbooks and other materials to be able to effectively carry the messages to their communities. Monitoring of the work completed by trainers is done regularly through voluntary feedback mechanisms.

In addition to training trainers, we also have some long term projects that we implement ourselves on the ground. By doing this, we are able to develop approaches that are tried and tested and have monitoring tools that can prove, wherever possible, that the change we have envisaged has occurred and will continue into the future. Our goal is not to be indispensable, but to empower the community to combat the things which lead to family breakdown.

The challenges that face families in Africa are the cross cutting themes that drive our passion for change. These include family breakdown caused by HIV & AIDS, gender based violence (GBV), domestic violence (DV) and poor health and hygiene practices (Participatory Health and Hygiene Education-PHHE).

Both our training of trainers and our implemented projects are targeted at all members of the family – couples, men, women and children & youth. It is important to engage all members of the family for lasting positive behaviour change to take place that transcends the generations.