What we believe

As a Christian organisation we believe in a biblically based and Christ-centred approach to our ministry. Our Christian foundation guides our values, underpins the way we work, the reason we work and gives us a perspective on the challenges faced by families globally.  Our values as an organisation are: God-centerdness, Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Ubuntu (Compassion);  This outlives itself in the fact we work knowing the God is our ultimate CEO, provider and leader in all the work, and that we work with passion and integrity to deliver high quality, excellent and efficiently-costed programs to those needing compassion across Africa.

Despite our Christian foundation, Family Impact often works in and with communities of multi-faith or no faith.  In order to reach as many people as possible, we are sensitive to this, and that means that some of our materials and our training programs are not religious, and do not contain religious language.