Freedom: All this month’s videos

Here are all this month’s videos around our theme of freedom in one place.

Remember what you are:

7 Steps to Freedom in Christ:

The Spoken Word: Jesus is:

The Ephesians 5 Man – videos

In case you missed them on Facebook, here are 4 videos designed to inspire and challenge you to live up to Ephesians 5:

Can a man teach his wife to drive?

Some argue that a man can love his wife as Christ loved the church and a woman can submit to her husband in any context except when a man is teaching his wife to drive!!! This article has an interesting take on the matter.

Sports you never knew existed

We tend to take our sports pretty seriously. We don’t just watch the game for 2 hrs on the weekend. We analyse, we read articles, watch highlights packages, follow on Facebook and Twitter, buy the jersey/scarf/key ring and talk with our mates about it.

Well, this month we’re highlighting some sports which you probably never knew existed but are actually awesome, funny and ridiculous all at the same time. Click here to check them out. Which one would you take up?!

Sneak peak…..clay jumping is a thing!

clay jumping

How to DAD

This month is dedicated to fathers, so we’ve put together some awesome videos with instructions on #HowtoDAD

Drive: 6 Trendy Family Cars to Cruise In

So traditionally family cars are bulky, not so fast and generally nothing to brag about at a “boys night out”. However, there are some family friendly cars out there that dads would be happy to be seen cruising in.

Check these out and let us know what your trendy family car would be!

mazda 6

The Mazda 6



Chosen and Trusted to Father

Question: Why did God choose Abraham?  Answer: To be a faithful father!

“The Lord said, ‘I have chosen Abraham so that he will direct his children to keep the way of the Lord’” (Genesis 18:19). The Bible is the story of Abraham’s children. We still talk of Father Abraham today. Trusting God and fathering his children were Abraham’s lasting contributions to the world. Bringing up his children mattered more than caring for his camels and his gold.


Could the same be true for fathers today? Our children and our children’s children will live on long after our camels and gold are forgotten. ‘Children are a heritage from the Lord.’ (Psalm 127:3). If the Lord has blessed us with children, fathering our children has to be an important part of our life job description.

God our Father has trusted us with the big task of fathering. On Father’s Day let us commit to give serious time and attention to becoming the best father for our children. We will never regret it.

Drive: Electric & Hybrids – The End Is Nigh!

As a ‘petrolhead’ that’s exactly how I would have looked at the trend towards alternate energy vehicles. The fun, noise and sensory thrill of our fossil fueled vehicles relegated to memory and film. Vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf leading the way for the invasion of automotive white goods destined to suck the life out of driving.

A funny thing happened though, that proved that going green didn’t necessarily mean boring. Clever engineers at some of the most driving enthusiast brands figured out that saving the planet didn’t have to mean having to drive soulless appliances. Here are a few cars that prove that the future might be even better than we can imagine.

Tesla Model S


Tesla burst on the scene with the Tesla Roadster based on the Lotus Elise chassis as a fun all electric sports car. The Model S however was the one that made shock waves through the car loving world. The normal Model S achieves a 0-60mph (96.5kph) in a fast  5.9 seconds, the same as a 2012 Supercharged V8 Range Rover Sport. The dual motor varients P85D and P90D using modes named “insane” & “ludicrous” achieve this sprint in 3.2 and 2.8 seconds each. Times that would have Italian supercars questioning their identities. Acceleration shenanigans aside, the Tesla Model S is a very capable & well appointed executive sedan, that has an immense amount of technology packed inside.



The BMW dropped Jaws in 2009 when it was revealed as a concept car at the International Motor Show Germany. It was the kind of vehicle whose body work looked too futuristic to ever make it into production. Four years later at the Geneva Motor show the production version was unveiled and unlike many concept vehicles, this one was largely unchanged. The 3 cylinder turbo engine combined with an electric motor powering the front wheels gives this hybrid sports car a combined 360hp, and still providing a fuel efficiency of 2.1L/100km.

The Big Three: Ferrari La Ferrari, Porsche 918, Mclaren P1


Also known as the trinity, these three vehicles represented what hybrid technology could do when focused solely on making speed and driving enjoyment their goal. Each of the offerings apply hybrid technology differently with only the Ferrari lacking an electric only mode. The Porsche and the Ferrari use naturally aspirated high revving engines alongside their hybrid power trains whereas the Mclaren uses a variant of its twin turbo charged V8. The Porsche is the only one that is All Wheel Drive, the front wheels powered by electric motors, where-as the Mclaren and Ferrari are resolutely rear wheel drive. These cars are unfortunately only in the hands of a few due to their cost but what they represent is that future is indeed a bright one.

Awaken the provider in you!

In these 3 clips, TD Jakes talks about how men instinctively provide for and protect the things that they value.




Drive – 3 Unexpectedly Dangerous Cars

Three  Unexpectedly Dangerous Cars

Cars have on the whole become faster, more laden with technology and safer for passengers and pedestrians alike. Car companies spend billions on research and development to make cars faster, more convenient and to meet ever stricter safety and environmental requirements. Sometimes though engineers haven’t always gotten things right or been able to foresee every potential issue. Below are three examples:

1.Ford Pinto

ford pinto

During the 70’s with oil shortages and an invasion of Japanese and European economy cars entering the United States;  American manufacturers needed to build competing vehicles. Ford’s answer was the Pinto and whilst it was economical due to it’s small size and small engine, it did suffer from a rather fatal design flaw. The fuel tank in rear was located in such a way that a rear end collision would potentially cause the fuel tank to rupture and lead to fires.

2. Nissan 350Z

nissan 350Z

The Nissan Z car is long and distinguished line of sports cars from the Japanese manufacturer. The cars have during each of their generations won accolades from motoring press and racing series. The 350Z was produced  from 2002 to 2009 and following a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety became infamous as the vehicle with the highest deaths per million during the 2005-2008 model years. IIHS recorded 143 deaths per million registrations for Nissan 350Z drivers during the study period, with 90 deaths per million registrations occurring in single-vehicle crashes. While the car is engineered for performance and handling the high number of single car crashes seems to hint more at reckless behaviour and course with a small car there is less between you and whatever you are hitting.

3. Ferrari 458 Italia

ferrari april

Ferrari’s are known for their beauty, technology and racing prowess. These supercars are often considered the pinnacle of automotive engineering, but they too aren’t immune from incidents.  In 2010 the 458 Italia was sold to much hype and fanfare but by August of that year the BBC reported that 10 vehicles had either crashed or caught fire within a three month period. Ferrari investigated and by September issued a recall for 1248 vehicles that had been sold to date. It turns out that when driven hard (as such thoroughbreds should be) a certain adhesive in the wheel arch assembly would over heat, smoke and possibly catch fire, thus reducing the Ferrari to a smoldering pile. Ferrari promptly solved the issue and in cases where this was the reason for a customer’s car to be destroyed the vehicle was replaced.