Celebrating Marriage in Eldoret!

There was singing, dancing, feasting and testimonies in Eldoret, Kenya recently as 19 couples celebrated completing the Marriage Course 101 and received certificates confirming them as trained trainers.

MC101 traditionally ends with a Marriage Party and the team at Family Impact Kenya pulled out all stops to make this a good one! The venue was decorated and a banquet including spiced rice (Pilau), chicken, beef, roast potatoes, chapatis, vegetable salad and the traditional matoke (steamed mashed plantains) was served. The couples danced and celebrated as they received their certificates and all were keen to give testimonies on the impact of the course. Anne Oduo from Family Impact says: “One couple testified of how the lady was talking too much without listening and the husband would argue very much, but after the training the lady has learned to listen to the husband and their marriage is now harmonized.”

These couples from Eldoret Happy Church had attended the MC101 course over 7 weeks. The course was co-facilitated by the Director of Family Impact Kenya, Thomas Malande and his wife Hellen and the Chairman of the FI Kenya Board, Bishop Runji and his wife.  Anne shares: “The whole course was very good and impacted on couples lives, at the time we held the banquet each couple was so excited and wanted to speak on the impact of the course.”

The team at Family Impact will continue to follow up and provide support in the coming months as these couples run the course for others, strengthening marriages throughout the Eldoret community. We look forward to bringing you more stories of changed marriages and families.