Chosen and Trusted to Father

Question: Why did God choose Abraham?  Answer: To be a faithful father!

“The Lord said, ‘I have chosen Abraham so that he will direct his children to keep the way of the Lord’” (Genesis 18:19). The Bible is the story of Abraham’s children. We still talk of Father Abraham today. Trusting God and fathering his children were Abraham’s lasting contributions to the world. Bringing up his children mattered more than caring for his camels and his gold.


Could the same be true for fathers today? Our children and our children’s children will live on long after our camels and gold are forgotten. ‘Children are a heritage from the Lord.’ (Psalm 127:3). If the Lord has blessed us with children, fathering our children has to be an important part of our life job description.

God our Father has trusted us with the big task of fathering. On Father’s Day let us commit to give serious time and attention to becoming the best father for our children. We will never regret it.