Family Culture and God’s Unchanging Principles

Did you know you have a family culture? Your family culture is the unique way your family forms itself in terms of rules, roles, habits, activities, beliefs etc. You might not think of it in those terms, but even as small children we learn that when we visit other families, even other households in our own extended family, that things are done differently in different households. In some families, dessert is only served when they have visitors, while others eat ice cream every night. Some families have robust discussions about any and every topic during dinner, while in others only minimal small talk happens during a meal. When you’re young these different rules are sometimes confusing, but sometimes it’s exciting, cause the rules at grandma’s house are usually a bit more flexible and involve more treats and TV!

These are mostly meal-time oriented examples, but the differences we see in families are found in all areas of life, including money, discipline of children, TV watching, birthdays, Christmas traditions, division of household chores and the list goes on. How your family does each of these things is what makes it uniquely your family.

universal principles

Now, one of the reasons families are so unique is that the Bible doesn’t have a list of specific do’s and don’ts around every single detail of life. Nowhere does it spell out who should get served first at meal times or what type of conversation should be had over the evening meal. But what we can see in the Bible is that God has universal and unchanging principles for marriage, family life and relationships. There will be differences in the way these principles are worked out in different cultures but the foundation remains unchanging. It is these principles and how they can be worked out practically in families to bring wholeness and fullness of life, that we want to share and teach through everything we do at Family Impact. We are passionate about seeing families in all their differences and variety thrive, and in doing so, to transform their communities and nations!