Family Impact Burundi speaks into marriages

Between October and December 2013 Clémence Gasna from Family Impact Burundi had the privilege of speaking into the lives of over 400 women and men about enjoying their marriages.

FI Burundi

Participants at the Women Pastors Network seminar, 27-28th October 2013

Clémence shared with the Women Pastors Network at a seminar held in Bujumbura Province, with pastors and their wives at the “Institut Supérieur de Leadership” at the school of Africa Ministries Network (AFMIN) and at a Women’s seminar at Bethany Church in Kinanira, Bujumbura. It is exciting to have formed relationships with these organisations and Family Impact Burundi looks forward to more opportunities to share God’s plan for families and marriage with these groups.

FI Burundi leadership institute

Family Impact Burundi’s Clémence Gasna teaches pastors and their wives on marriage at the Institut Superieur de Leadership, Burundi