Family Impact South Africa pilots women’s health project

This pilot project by Family Impact South Africa (FISA), run over five months, seeks to gather information on areas of challenge in families, particularly targeting women and with the intention of using them as change agents within families.

Abuse cases continue to flood the news and many institutions working with women say that while awareness in this arena has improved, actual help for women that are abused remains a great need still. First run in Zimbabwe, Family Impact’s Women’s Health Program not only focuses on addressing abuse, but also sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and hygiene. It also includes re-usable sanitary pad making. The program has a particular focus on equipping women with skills to build and strengthen their families and also involves men in the process.

women health program

Women participating in surveys and workshops on families and health as part of the pilot Women’s Health Program

Positive feedback and a willingness to participate in the program has been received from the communities involved in the pilot project, namely Mamelodi East and Nelmapius in Pretoria. FISA has partnered with Community Impact Trust of Hatfield Christian Church to run the five month pilot project, out of which valuable information will be used to adjust the Women’s Health Manual, first produced by Family Impact Zimbabwe, so that it is relevant for women and families in South Africa. FISA will seek funding partners to roll the full scale program out and we are excited about the women and families we will be able to impact.

women health program 2