Father’s Do Not: Reflection #1

‘Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger…’ (Ephesians 6:4).  That was Paul’s message for fathers 2000 year ago.  Way back then he must have seen fathers who were experts at making their children angry.  Fathers today are still good at it!  You will see lots of ways fathers provoke their children if you look around at the fathers you meet – or look at the way you behave as a father.

If we do not have a strong relationship with our children we will anger and exasperate them even though we don’t want to.

Eph 6

‘Please notice me when I do something right!’  That was the plea of one child whose Dad always punished him for mistakes but never complimented him when he did well.  That child may misbehave just to get attention and he will surely grow up angry!

Do our children know that we really love them? Do we spend time with our children? Do our children hear more encouraging or more discouraging words from us?  Do our children see that we have more time for casual visitors than for them?  Do our children….?  What questions would you add?