Father’s Do: Reflection #2

‘Fathers, do bring your children up in the discipline of training…’ (Ephesians 6:4).  You won’t find ‘discipline of training’ in your Bible but the same Greek word is translated as either ‘discipline’ (ESV), or as ‘training’ (NIV).  We often think of discipline only as punishment; training is helpful because it is such a positive word.

ephesians 6 DO

A good coach trains his team. He does not often have to punish his players but he stretches them to go to their limits. He knows when to push them and when to stop. He does not ignore faults and weaknesses but he is known for his encouragement more than his criticism. After all coach and team have the same aim and are working towards the same end – to be the champions!

Fathers are training their children to run in the race of life. It may not always seem like it in the everyday struggles but our children do want to be winners. It is a privilege for fathers to be their coach, training them as they grow and celebrating when as champions they go far beyond us.