The Intentional Family Business

Equipping Families and Small Businesses in Africa to be Productive and Profitable

We’ve been searching for a title for what we’ve been calling our ‘family in business’ training series. As we’ve been finalising the facilitator’s manual, a theme began to emerge, which was one of intentionality.

Intentional is an adjective meaning ‘done with intention or on purpose’ or it is ‘an action performed deliberately and consciously with awareness’. So you don’t fall into success. You don’t run a home accidentally, you don’t keep a marriage or partnership together accidentally and you don’t build a successful, profitable business accidentally.

intentional successful

A family that is in business together needs to know their values and goals, to manage their time and money, to practice and develop emotional intelligence, both at home and in the business. And you cannot do these things if you are not intentional about doing so.

The series of 6 trainings provides a lot of information, tools and tips for people to digest and implement. But most of all it asks people to think – really think – about what it is they are doing in their family and in their business and why they are doing it. And then to do it intentionally, or on purpose. Because family shouldn’t suffer at the hands of business and business shouldn’t suffer at the hands of family.

This course is not for the faint hearted – it digs deep and it touches two things that are very personal – family and livelihood. But the rewards of being intentional about developing both your family and business are worth it.

At Family Impact we desire to see people experience the fullness of life, freedom and wholeness that comes from being part of a strong family. Which is why we are so excited about the potential for The Intentional Family Business to impact the millions of families in Zimbabwe and beyond who run businesses together.

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