Let’s Talk Family


Let’s Talk Family!

The Global Children’s Forum (GCF) was established in 2008 and Family Impact has been an active participant. The desire of those connected to the forum is to work together to help children across the globe find the “life to the full” that Jesus talked about in John 10:10.

Recognising the importance of the family unit to achieving fullness of life for children, the GCF Family Project Team has launched the ‘Let’s Talk Family’ initiative. Part of the initiative is organising Country Conversations, which seek to bring together people to have a conversation about the state of family in various countries and to explore how they can work together to strengthen families.

Family Impact Africa was invited to facilitate the organisation and running of Country Conversations in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Participants discussed the questions “What makes a healthy family?”, “What is preventing families from being healthy in this country?” and “What can we do together about it?”

The passion for family has been obvious with participants in Kenya sharing: “Families make up the community which makes up the nation” and “Family is the place where God culture is developed and displayed and transmitted. The way the family goes, the nation goes.” The participants did not shy away from topics that are traditionally taboo in African cultures, talking openly about the impact on families of extramarital affairs, pornography, domestic violence and harmful cultural and religious practices. In all conversations, participants have been encouraged and inspired by the opportunity to meet together with like-minded people who are passionate about family.

In Zimbabwe, those present decided to form a Family Alliance. A committee has been formed and their first task is to write a Family Manifesto outlining specific family values that promote healthy families. Groups and organisations will be encouraged to sign the Family Manifesto at a celebration coinciding with the International Day of the Family in May.  The Alliance plans to roll out a message on the importance of family and family values to churches and other family oriented organisations.

Family Impact has been honoured to facilitate these conversations and we look forward to seeing more fruit from the connections that have been made between people and organisations who are passionate about family.