Marriage Course 101 Gains Momentum in 2014

2014 has been a year of building on the momentum that was generated for Marriage Course 101 (MC101) in 2013. Around 20 courses have been run across South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe by both Family Impact staff and couples we trained as trainers in 2013, with over 140 couples reached. Additionally, Family Impact has run 5 courses to train 40 more couples to run the course. We will continue to support and encourage them as they run courses in their churches and communities.

In an exciting recent development, a couple from the Anglican Church in Uganda attended a training of trainers course run by the Family Impact Africa Director, Lynne Knight, in Kampala in July. They were so excited about the material that they invited Lynne to return to their home in Kanungu in South West Uganda and train couples there. In November Lynne and the team from FI Uganda travelled to Kanungu and ran a training for over 40 couples! We are looking forward to hearing testimonies of the impact of this course on marriages and families in this community moving forward.

Without exception, couples who attend MC101 speak highly of the material, its relevance to local culture and its positive impact on their marriage. The testimonies and feedback Family Impact receives show us that MC101 has significant potential for transforming marriages, and subsequently families and communities. We believe that this potential is only just starting to be realised in Africa and we are continuing to pour time, resources and prayer into seeing this program really take off.

Testimonies from the participants have included:

  • “We enjoyed almost everything, love languages, working through disagreements. Presentations by our facilitators were excellent.” Johannesburg, November 2013
  • “We were able to open to each other during the couple’s times, which is not usual” Zimbabwe, March 2014
  • “I learnt it is important to plan to spend time together.” Kampala, November 2014
  • “The training was quite a unique experience for us. We loved the concept used for training, where it’s not only the facilitator who does the speaking, however time is given for couples to talk to each other.” Johannesburg, November 2013
  • “It was amazing for us to discover that in our 6 years of marriage there are things that we have never spoken about and we have always taken them for granted.” Johannesburg, November 2013
  • “We were equipped with more knowledge and skills and now we can also teach others” Zimbabwe, March 2014
  • “… I was indeed encouraged in my own marriage as well as empowered to presenting the material. I was indeed inspired and excited that we as a church may have such program to stand on a gap to save marriages and broken homes.” KZN, March 2014


Click here to watch a short video of Francis and Sarah Osire sharing their experience of attending a Training of Trainers course in Kampala in November 2014.


The Marriage Course 101 (MC101) is a course that is being rolled out in collaboration with two of our partners: Alpha International and Relationship Central. MC101 was adapted from Nicky and Sila Lee’s Marriage Course, for rural and peri-urban Africa. Family Impact was involved in the development of the material, and is now working alongside Alpha in running courses and training trainers across Africa.