Kilton Moyo, February Man of the Month!

“Being a man is a product of choice….a decision”

Kilton Moyo: pastor, renowned author, founder of Citizen Africa Foundation, counselor, loyal husband, proud father and even prouder grandfather sat down with Family Impact and shared some priceless truths about issues which concern men and humanity as a whole. Pastor Kilton’s words speak volumes as to why he is February’s Man of the Month.

Q: What has been the most challenging aspect of your journey to manhood?

A:I think the most challenging part of my journey has been the moment of transition from being a boy to being a man. You see, being a man is not a result of circumstances, being a man is a product of choice. Some people think being male makes you a man. No. The male seeks to dominate, the male is violent. That is not what should be. A man is meant to be a person of love, honor, respect, dignity and a protector of others. But it doesn’t just happen, it is a decision. A decision you need to keep coming back to.

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Kilton and his wife Adilate

Q: What made you decide to be a man?

A: I had a relatively steady upbringing but I saw the men around me in my community. I saw how they conducted themselves especially in matters of marriage. My observations made me decide not to marry. The concept of marriage did not make sense to me. However as I grew older I began to think deeply about myself and I realised I wanted to be different. I wanted to be different so that I can make a difference to my family and to my clan.

Q: In what way does your decision to be a man influence your approach to your work?

A: Ministry is about people and it is about relationships. It is not about my ego. I ask myself: how much of myself can I give? Again it is a decision. I encourage and force myself to keep improving. My relationship with Jesus changed my perspective completely, it broadened my horizon. I ask God to help me see other people through his eyes and not through the eyes of my flesh. My wife helps me to do this as well.

Q: What is your opinion on men and the impact of the company they keep has on them?

A: Words are the fuel of human life. You become the things that you allow to be spoken into your life. A man must surround himself with people that speak into his assignment and who understand his vision. I walk with people who understand my vision. I meet many people and hear many words of advice but when I am alone I ask God “who is this person?” This is the worry with young people. Young people don’t always choose friends because of character. A good friend will never criticize your parents or pull you away from your family’s protection. Even when you are married a good friend will not pull you away from your family.

Q: What are your thoughts on men and marriage today?

A: My thoughts are that we don’t teach young people enough about marriage yet we let them get married. Young people are getting seriously hurt. We need clear role models. Titus 2:1-8 instructs the older men and women to teach the younger men and women how to be husbands and wives. We need to guide them and teach them to face current challenges by way of the word.

Q: What are your thoughts on fatherhood?

A: A father is one who has agreed to stand in the office of God. Children often develop a distorted image of who God the Father is through their earthly fathers. Fatherhood must be learnt and encouraged and again we need role models.

Q: What do the books you write teach?

A: I write on issues that affect people. My work has teachings on healthy sexuality, fruitful marriage, healthy crisis management, which focuses on how to manage a crisis without causing a crisis, and the role of the church in these trying times. The published titles include Sex Trap, Responding to Personal Crisis, Celebrating My Africanness and the Church at War.

Final words: You are your own CEO, the way you present yourself is how you will be received.