Meet Kays Kanyangarara, our March Man of the Month!

Kays Kanyangarara: International Field Hockey official, coach, player, mentor, sports enthusiast, proud father and loving husband. A Champion of Christ.

We had a great time talking to Kays Kanyangarara this month as he shared his thoughts on men, sports and family.


On Family

I have a lovely wife and 2 teenage sons. The teenage years are very interesting as they are now in the experimental phase with outside influences coming in and opinions of their own. What I have realised is that their foundation is very important especially at this stage.

It’s not all hard. Many people make teenagers out to be scary, difficult people but the joy and fun I experience with them far outweighs the challenges. It’s hard for a man sometimes when he comes home feeling weak and down and his family needs him and he realises he has to be strong for them. In hard times I look to God and his word. I also talk to and lean on my wife.

On Sport

My favourite sports are hockey, cricket and football. I play hockey, coach it at various schools and at the Bulawayo Hockey Club and I officiate internationally. My son is also in the Bulawayo Hockey Club.


How do you handle your role as parent and coach?

When I am managing my son’s team I see myself standing in the role of not just his parent but a parent to the whole team. I know him best so my expectations of his conduct may be higher. My focus is to speak into all their lives as well as teach them the game.

How do you engage your family in sports?

We support each other’s sporting interests, but no one is forced. We come together with my wife to support our children’s sporting activities.

Are you a sports fanatic?                                         

No, I am a keen sports supporter.

Some women have complained that the love of sports has had negative impact on marriages because men are spending too much time on sports and too little on their families. What are your thoughts on this?

Men need to responsible. If the match starts at 5pm and you are coming home at 2am, there is obviously a problem. You must not give your wife any reason to doubt you. Where possible, involve your wife by taking her to watch sports with you. You can’t come home with stories about watching the game with your friends which include a woman, as this could lead to suspicions and mistrust. Women themselves need to make an effort to take an interest in the sports their husbands are interested in and vice versa.

What is a boys’ night out?

These are “guys only” hangouts. They are important because men need to interact as men once in a while and women need to spend time with women. You learn a lot from one another as long as it’s the right company and you get to be fully understood and be yourself.

What are the key things in considering the company you keep?

You have to be around people who speak into your life, who make you want to be better. I have church leaders I can look to.

Who is your sporting role model and why?

Kaka the footballer. He has achieved so much but still remains so humble and honours God.

Where men are concerned, how important is humility?

Humility is very difficult for a man because we do have big egos. It is important though because if you are not humble no one can speak into your life and you won’t grow.

Parting words

You have to put God first. He will lead you in everything.