TEAR Australia partner with Family Impact

TEAR Australia are partnering with Family Impact Zimbabwe to deliver the Women’s Health Program in rural communities outside Bulawayo. Lynne Knight the Family Impact Africa Director, travelled around Australia in March, speaking at numerous events hosted by TEAR Australia.

TEAR invited Lynne to help launch the forTomorrow campaign which seeks to inspire and challenge Christians in Australia to their voices in solidarity with women who suffer the burden of poverty and marginalisation around the world. Lynne had the opportunity to share about the amazing impact that the Women’s Health Program is having on the lives of women in Zimbabwe. It was a privilege to serve alongside TEAR as our partner and to inspire and challenge Australian Christians and churches to find ways to stand in solidarity with women who bear the burden of poverty and marginalisation around the world.

Read the article recently published in TEAR’s TARGET magazine about the impact of the Women’s Health Program.

For more information on the forTomorrow campaign visit http://www.fortomorrow.org.au

To listen to Lynne speaking visit http://www.tear.org.au/resources/lynne-knight-presents-fortomorrow/