Family Impact essentially does two things: we implement programs locally and we train trainers. Local implementation increases the depth of our impact while training of trainers allows us to scale up the programs to reach many more families than would otherwise be possible. See here for more details of our approach

Training of Trainer Courses

As Family Impact we work to build the capacity of communities, leaders, business and churches through the training of others to take the courses forward. Training courses are available in the following materials:

Families for Life

This bible study notebook and sermon series outline is written with the conviction that family comes from God. It is designed to help churches and small groups discover the importance of family and live in a manner that celebrates family.

Foundations for Family

A collaboration with Foundations for Nations (also working with Foundations for Farming), this is a program that enables churches to mainstream family in their church life by providing materials and training for church Family Champions. Materials include a sermon series that unpacks the five values of family from a Christian biblical perspective, church questionnaires, small group workbooks. This program can be applied in a church context but also in businesses and communities.


Enjoy Your Marriage is a set of material that looks at marriage from a biblical perspective. The material is often delivered as a part of a marriage weekend away, where couples are encouraged to spent time away with other couples, hearing messages that enrich their marriage. Radical Relationships is also offered as a pre-marital counselling course.


We have a Positive Parenting series that apply timeless principles of the Bible for parenting today. Topics include confident children; how to help your children study; family fun; discipline for freedom; terrific teenagers; making the most of your time; sensible sexuality; communication and praying for your children.

Orphan caregivers are the key to survival for many children in Africa today, yet many of these caregivers are not prepared for the challenges they face. The Children of Promise books aim to help all carers with the special parenting skills they need to bring up orphans joyfully and well.

Marriage Course 101

Marriage Course 101 is focused on rural and peri-urban couples. The course was developed through a collaboration with Alpha International. The result is a course that is very similar to the original Marriage Course, but with a flipchart and a much more condensed guest manual. This enables couples to run the course in their context, using the visual aids and other techniques.


Sanitary pad making: we train trainers to show women how to sew reusable, washable sanitary pads.

Children and Youth

The Leadership Tree is a leadership development program for prefects and student leaders. It provides student leaders with the skills to practice leadership in a manner that builds vision, team work and communication among members of a school body and improves the community image of the school.


Family Impact has a number of more specialised programs that we implement in country. The availability of these programs in-country is dependent on the country movement, and in all cases the Africa Office should be contact in advance. These implemented programs include:

Participatory Health and Hygiene Education (PHHE)

This project targets school children of all ages with life skills and water and sanitation information. Incorporating a workbook, the program addresses the prevention of cholera and other water borne diseases, HIV and AIDS as well as the significance of the children in combating these. In seeking to equip children to make good decisions concerning their future the program discusses issues like your body, your family, your community, your relationships and your future. This program has been tried and tested with over 100,000 children and incorporates a detailed monitoring and evaluation system.

Life-skills Camps (for children and youth)

Life-skills camps are run with the aim of equipping young people to face a new and brighter future. The programs aim to combine accurate information about health, sexuality and HIV and AIDS with the promotion of wholesome relationships in families and peer groups and biblical values of purity, respect for others and personal worth. Adventure Unlimited is designed for high school students and Choose Freedom for primary-aged students.

Life-skills Motivational Talks and Teacher Training and Development are school programmes to encourage children and equip teachers, particularly in vulnerable locations with limited resources.

Freedom Unlimited

Freedom Unlimited is a life skills and HIV awareness program delivered to men in workplaces. It is primarily focused on bringing about long term behaviour change. It deals with family life, self-esteem, communication, sexuality and HIV education and information. It also includes a thoroughly developed Peer Education program for company employees.

“This programme changed my life, I am now faithful to my wife and have even shared information about HIV issues with my eight children. My plea is that this programme be not only for workplaces… may it also be done in beer halls.”

Women’s Health

We work to empower women and strengthen families through training in sexual reproductive health, sexual gender-based violence, health and hygiene as well as family strengthening seminars.

Building Projects

The building of schools, libraries, wells, pit latrines and various other projects are underway in various countries as a method of supporting the local community to be sustainable. This is not a core part of Family Impact but is often an important entry point for long term work with families in a community.