People reached by Family Impact Programs

In 2012, we estimate that our programs across all member countries impacted over 21,000 people including ~4,100 parents, couples and families and ~11,000 children, youth and young adults. A further 6,500 people were impacted through various community development programs.

In 2013, over 90,000 people were reached by Family Impact programs across Africa. This included over 4,300 parents, couples and families and a massive 80,000+ children, youth and young adults. Another 2,600 people were impacted by various community development programs.

In 2014, over 33,200 people were reached by our programs across Africa. The following graph shows the families, couples, men, women and young people who were impacted by these programs.

This reach and impact represents a massive effort for our small but committed group of staff, volunteers and trainers. We are excited by the lives that are being touched and communities that are being transformed.

Information on specific programs and community outreaches follow.

Tackling Women’s Health and Gender Based Violence

Family Impact in Zimbabwe has developed and published a comprehensive Women’s Health Manual. We are using this manual to deliver a series of trainings for groups of women in six wards across the Matopos and Insiza Districts outside Bulawayo. This program is funded by our partner TEAR Australia and engages women on often taboo topics such as sexual and reproductive health, gender based violence, domestic violence, health and hygiene and family strengthening. Sessions are also held for men and couples on communication and family strengthening. The women are also given a pattern and initial materials to make reusable, washable sanitary pads.

Lady with sanitary pad

These pads are a vital part of keeping young girls in school, improving feminine hygiene and can also be an income generating activity. Another important part of the program is linking with local government stakeholders such as police, district councils and health clinics, schools and churches to involve as many as possible in the training and to ensure women understand where they can go to access services. This program has also been rolled out by Family Impact South Africa.


Building Rural Schools in Zimbabwe

Through the provision of funding from the Zimbabwe Rural Schools Development Programme, Family Impact helped Mapane School in rural Zimbabwe to build two teacher houses. Previously the teachers had to sleep, cook and prepare their lessons in one cramped room. The school development committee, headmasters and teachers all contributed labour to the building of the houses. Watch the opening ceremony and take a tour through the new accommodation.

Family Impact is proud to be involved in this collaborative effort to help the teachers, without whom there would be no schools. The ZRSDP is a Zimbabwean charity passionate about improving educational opportunities in rural Zimbabwe.


Marriage Course 101

The Marriage Course 101 is a course that is being rolled out in collaboration with our partner Relationship Central at Alpha International. The Marriage Course by Nicky and Sila Lee was adapted for use in rural Africa. Family Impact was involved in the development of the material, and is now working alongside Alpha International in the training of trainers across Africa.

In November 2013, Trainer of Training events were held in two locations of Kenya, namely Nairobi (with Alpha Kenya) and Eldoret (with Family Impact Kenya). Another event was also held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The feedback from those couples attending the course was very positive, and much is expected from them afterwards. Once couples have completed the training, they are expected to run one course in their house town. After the successful completion of the course, they are given certificates to confirm them as Trainers of MC101. We are looking forward to many new courses starting in Kenya and South Africa as a result.

Feedback from one of the participants on the Johannesburg training:

The course has been an answer to many questions we had for many years. We liked the way you put your topics, the talking, the exercises and practices. Your materials are user friendly and simple to understand. The simplicity of the course yet powerful made it to be acceptable to be a tool to remedy our sick marriages. Remember we have lots of courses in this field but this is second to none. We needed a course like that and finally we got it. Three years in succession I could not facilitate a marriage course due to timing I thought so but I realised that the Lord did not allow that because I did not have material to do the course effectively. Now I have started renewing and reconsidering my invitations. Thank God I have people like you to help in the future. Thank you again.

Here is a short video of a couple who attended the Training Course in Nairobi, Kenya, talking about their experiences on the course.

Please note that Training of Trainer courses will be held again for new trainers in Kenya and South Africa in 2014. For more information please contact Minnie Moyo on: