Jesilini Ncube

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Jesilini Ncube lives with her husband and two grandchildren. This is her second marriage. She had to divorce her first husband because he was abusive and refused to take care of her and the children’s material needs. She was not allowed to complain or report to his or her family as he would threaten to beat her if she did.

Jesilini was invited by a local Councillor to attend the Family Impact training on sexual and reproductive health and Gender Based Violence. She shares “I have learnt a lot from these trainings especially on Gender Based Violence. Sometimes you will bear children for the man and then he never takes care of the family but spends money on other women. I have learnt that we need to stand up as women and be independent.” On HIV and AIDS she notes “I gained a lot from the HIV and AIDS sessions, that we need to change our behaviour in order to fight this disease. As much as my husband needs to be faithful, I also need to do the same.”

Armed with this knowledge the health and wellbeing of Jesilini’s family and many others is improved and through openly discussing issues such as domestic and gender based violence with both women and men, marriages are also strengthened. To Family Impact and all their supporters Jesilini says: “Thank you for the trainings. They help us a lot.”

Olitha Moyo

Olitha Moyo is one of the women participating in Family Impact’s Women’s Health Program in Ward 13 of Insiza District, a poor rural area outside Bulawayo. She was part of a women’s group that met regularly over two years to be trained in sexual reproductive health, hygiene and sanitation and family strengthening topics. This is her story.

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I am married to Jobe Dube who is 92 years old. I am 45 years old. I started attending the Women’s Health Program meetings in April of 2012. My husband is old but always encourages me to attend meetings. Since then I have learnt about domestic violence, HIV and AIDS and sanitary pad-making amongst other topics. I learnt ways to prevent and to fight HIV and AIDS. These include things such as being faithful to my partner and also how to take care of those who are terminally ill. These lessons help me to keep my family protected from diseases.

Olitha and husband

I have sewn 12 pads and I am using them. They are good to use and I don’t have to buy sanitary pads every month. I go to Seventh Day Adventist church and I usually teach other women there on the re-usable pads focusing on how it is worn, taken off and washing.

The most significant change for me was the session on domestic violence, as I have been a victim before. This session helped me because I learnt to relate better with my family. Moreover, I divorced some years ago and I just left my kids without fighting for them. Now I know that I have to stand for my family. I also know that it is important to have people that will give you sound advice when you are having marital problems.