About Kenya

Kenya is home to over 40 different tribal groups representing many cultures and languages. Kenya has been hard hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, with an infection rate of 6.3% of the population and deaths from AIDS leaving behind 1.9 million orphans and vulnerable children. In 2007, Kenya experienced post-election violence which led to the death and internal displacement of thousands of Kenyans.

Family Impact in Kenya

Family Impact has been a presence in Kenya since 2002 operating from Eldoret. Family Impact Kenya runs programs such as Adventure Unlimited; Choose Freedom; Radical Relationships; Enjoy Your Marriage; Positive Parenting and has a major emphasis in Prefect Leadership Training. Family Impact Kenya also runs Conflict Resolution and Humanitarian Assistance programs in schools and colleges. This is in response to the previous acts of violence that the country has gone through.

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Tom and Hellen Malande Lukakha (Country Directors)


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