About Nigeria

Nigeria is located West Africa and is known as the Giant of Africa because its population of 174 million is the largest in Africa. The southern part is largely Christian and the north mainly Muslim. Despite its large and growing economy, which is based on significant oil reserves, Nigeria ranks very low on the UNDP Human Development Index at 153rd out of 187 countries, meaning its people suffer from poverty.  Nigeria also has a high maternal mortality rate of 630 deaths per 100,000 live births.

Family Impact in Nigeria

Family Impact Nigeria runs a number of programs designed to strengthen the family unit including Foundations for Family, Marriage Enrichment, Lifeskills Camps, Positive Parenting, Teachers’ Empowerment Course, Adventure leadership course (for prefects in secondary schools), Graduating Students’ course (secondary schools) and Family Games, among others.

Based in Lagos, Family Impact also implement Community transformation programmes including Community Enrichment, Well Women Fellowship, Widows’ support group and summit. Family Impact Nigeria also undertakes advocacy, seeking to constructively engage the social, political and other structures that engender social injustice, inequality and discrimination which contribute to human denigration and systemic poverty in society and which deny young people access to services that can contribute to their well-being.

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Tunde Fowe (Country Director)



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