Working together to promote Family Impact

The FI teams in Kenya and Tanzania have worked together to introduce Family Impact ministry and programs to a Bishop’s fellowship meeting in the Mwanza region of Tanzania. The FI Tanzania team first spoke at a Bishops meeting about the Family Impact vision and its role in the church and community

Bishop Magikes church FIT and FIK - June 2014

Bishop Magike’s Church

At the invitation of FI Tanzania members of FI Kenya travelled to Mwanza in early June. Together they spoke to 30 bishops and over 3,000 congregation members over their 4 day visit. They specifically promoted the East Africa Enjoy Your Marriage Weekend scheduled for December this year.

Significant interest was shown in the work and materials of FI and in the EYM. We are thankful for the opportunity for the teams from FI Kenya and Tanzania to work together and support each other.