It’s #WorldToiletDay!

It’s #WorldToiletDay! Family Impact is working with women and District Councils in rural Zimbabwe to help them build ventilated pit latrines at their homesteads. Funded by our partner TEAR Australia, the Women’s Health Program has taught women about the health and environmental benefits of improved sanitation and methods for building latrines.

Many of the women involved in the Family Impact program have already started digging pits for their latrines. Earlier this month the monitoring and evaluation team moved around one Ward with the Environmental Health Technician pegging toilets for the beneficiaries at suitable spots within their compounds. The team shared “It is a positive thing to note the excitement that the women and their families have concerning the toilets. This venture, although at a micro scale at the moment, will go a long way in helping the community to desist from open defecation and in promoting a healthy environment.”