Marriage makes or breaks us as humans, and its success or failure largely hinges on our ability to communicate with our partners.

In our bi-monthly Zoom series titled “a marriage that keeps growing” we discussed various tips to help married couples have great communication in their marriage in order for them to have a better and stronger marriage.

In this article, we are going to discuss 6 biblical keys to better communication in marriage which are humility, love, empathy, openness to change, forgiveness, and the imitation of Christ.

Key 1 — Be Humble With One Another

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True communication in marriage requires us to be humble and talk to each other without allowing our ego to get in the way. Ego makes everything about us, and we fail to empathise with our partner. So in order for us to have wholesome communication, we need to put our ego aside.

Key 2 — Always Speak The Truth In Love

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Our partners will do something wrong (because we are human), however, we should not crucify them for it but be gentle and with love, correct them.

Key 3 — Be Sensitive To Each Other’s Feelings

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Communication happens within context, that is, it does not happen in a vacuum. Every setting has its demands when it comes to communication. For example, what you say (and how you say things) in the bedroom is different from what you say in church. Please be aware of how your partner is feeling at the moment before you communicate with them. The ability to communicate within context, to empathise, will bring warmth and love to our marriages.

Key 4 — Be Ready To Change

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In any communication with your partner, please always be ready to change, communication is meant to enhance or change your worldview after all. The goal of communication is to understand what your partner is saying, therefore, the sign that you do understand is to change.

Key 5 — Remove Bitterness

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Bitterness destroys marriages and any potential communication. It is important to remove bitterness from our communication. Bitterness is anger and disgust that has been harboured for too long in the heart. The result is that it makes us fail to engage our partners in good faith because we hate (and hurt) them. As a result, it hinders communication. Therefore, for good communication, we need us to engage and interrogate the source of bitterness and pray God helps us overcome it.

Key 6 — Follow God’s Example

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True communication can only happen when we follow the steps of the master communicator Jesus Christ. We should take a leaf from God himself, who in multiple instances has shown to be moved by our infirmities (Heb 4.15), Like God, we should sympathise and empathise in our communication.

This article on communication in marriage is part of our bi-monthly series on “a marriage that keeps growing”, and next week on Wednesday 04 November 2020 we are discussing “Marriage and The Law”, if this interests you as a couple, please join us and reserve your place by texting, calling or sending us a message on WhatsApp on: +263 77 212 9909. And follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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