“A man must leave his father And mother when he marries So that he can be perfectly Joined to his wife, and the two Shall be one.” (Ephesians 5:31 LB)

Marriage is not a federation of two sovereign states. It is a union, personal, social, spiritual and physical. It is the fusion of two hearts, the union of two lives, the coming together of two tributaries which after being joined in one will flow in the same channel and direction carrying the same burdens, responsibilities, obligations, the same joys and sorrows – Peter Marshall

Leaving prepares the way for being united or cleaving. The Hebrew word here means to stick to or be glued to a person. This is the second marriage principle in Genesis 2:24.

What does it mean to cleave? Or becoming one?

  1. It means that your closest relationship after God ought to be with your marriage partner. No relative, child, friend, business, profession, church work should have a closer space in your heart than your spouse. You are prepared to cleave no matter what, to pledge faithfulness whatever the cost and whatever the partner turns out to be. It is for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death separates you.
  2. It means that you should actively cultivate those special and similar qualities you share as a couple
  3. It means that you should consummate your marriage. That is, be intimate and physical with your partner. Public leaving should result in private cleaving.
  4. Be prepared to be very open to your partner and feel no shame (reference: Genesis 2 verse 25)

Now the question is, are you prepared to become one with your partner?

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