For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two will become one flesh – Genesis 2:24


Jesus quotes this verse in his teaching on marriage.  It is a saying of importance repeated four times in the Bible.  But what does it mean to leave?


  1. Leaving should be a physical, psychological and/or a spiritual thing.  How difficult will it be for you to leave your family?
  2. Leaving should include leaving other people, activities or interests you may have, for example, will you need to make decisions about the amount of time you spend with your friends or playing sport
  3. If you have a consuming passion, study, sport, hobbies or Christian service then you may not have to leave that thing  so that Christ and your future partner become the prime focus of your life
  4. To leave does not mean to abandon. You will still have to have interests and even take care of your family after marriage.
  5. To leave as a woman means being able to accept your husband’s relatives. In many cultures, the wife often has serious difficulties in coping with and accepting her husband’s relatives. They may act as if the home was also theirs and the husband seems to side with them.


Now knowing this, are you able to leave so you can make-way for your marriage?

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