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Individual Support

1. Choose Freedom

This is a life skills course for teenagers consisting of a Video, Leaders Guide and a Students Bible. It is designed for use with young people from different back grounds. The leaders Guide provides a step-by-step guide for facilitators using a wide range of material provided to cover the different age groups within the teenage bracket.  

2. Living As First man standing

The Church has been very slow in acknowledging and addressing issues around domestic violence. This Resource was written with the collaboration of Restored to enable men in the church, including church leaders, to respond to and address domestic abuse within their own churches and wider society. It is intended to raise awareness and to highlight some of the areas that need to be considered in making our churches safe places.  

Couples Support

1. Marriage Course 101

The Marriage Course 101 is an adapted version of the Marriage Course for use within rural African contexts. The course is a series of seven sessions where couples learn practical tools to help them invest time in their marriage, heal ways they have hurt each other, discover how their partner feels and much, much more. The course is based on Christian principles but it is designed for couples with or without a Christian faith.

 The Marriage Course was developed by Nicky and Sila Lee under Alpha. Family Impact adapted the material in partnership with Alpha International.

2. Enjoy Your Marriage

Resources under this program include the Enjoy Your Marriage Book, The Enjoy Your Marriage Facilitators Manual and the Practical handbook for EYM Weekends and Courses.  The EYM Book explores Biblical truths about the marriage relationship and their application. It is relevant for thinking about marriage as well as for married couples. It can also be used by individuals or as background material for EYM courses. The manual will help facilitators preparing to lead sessions at an EYM course. It includes suggested outline with Couples’ time, activities and discussions and is designed to be used together with the Enjoy Your Marriage Book. The handbook has practical directions on how to set u, publicise and run a EYM weekend or non-residential course.

3. Radical Relationships

This is a workbook for courting couples to work through together as they consider marriage. It is designed to help them think through the decision to get married and whether to go on ahead or to defer the decision until such time as they have worked out through some issues or, perhaps, call off the relationship all together.  Couples can go through the material whether they are in one place or they live in different cities.   


1. Positive Parenting

This is a series of nine resource booklets for parents and caregivers. If you are actively involved in the lives of children, these little books are for you. They are based on biblical principles and are packed with down to earth practical advice for parents, grandparents, teachers, youth leaders and all other caregivers. The titles under this series include the following:

  1. Confident Children
  2. Communication
  3. Sensible Sexuality
  4. Discipline For Freedom
  5. Family Fun
  6. How To help your children Study
  7. Making the Most of your time
  8. Terrific Teenagers
  9. Praying For your children  

2. Families for Life

This is an eight-week programme with study notes and sermon outlines. It was initially developed as part of the celebration of the Year of the Family in 2006. The material can be used by individuals on their own and as part of a church program to celebrate the family. Families For Life is designed to be relevant to a whole church congregation with people at every age and stage of life.

3. Foundations for family

This is part of the Foundations for Nations initiative and aims to make sure that ‘family’ has a central place in all church life. The material is designed to help churches mainstream family into the life of the church so that the potential of family ministry in evangelism and discipleship is maximized leading to transformation in churches and communities.  

4. Children of Promise

This material consists of two books, Children of Promise Parenting Skills for Orphan Care Givers and Children of promise -Stories of Hope For Orphan Caregivers. The first book aims to help parents and all carers with the special parenting skills they need to bring up orphans joyfully and well. This manual contains important information for orphan care givers, for all parents and for facilitators who are helping orphans and orphan care givers. The “Stories of Hope” book is shorter and simpler. It is designed or use in groups or individual conversations with people caring for orphans in their family. The stories are taken from the manual.

Schools Development Program
  1. Mayezane Primary School
  2. Nduna Primary School

Family Impact is a grassroots and networking organization established in 2002.

We implement our programmes at ground level and we partner with schools, churches, local and international organisations, to facilitate the use of our locally developed and culturally relevant resources to see lasting behavior change.

We believe that a biblical approach to restoring family life in Africa, is the only solution for long term change across the continent.

Couples Support


Enjoy Your Marriage Weekend


Marriage Course 101


A Marriage That Keeps Growing (Webinar Series)

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