But love is blind, and lovers cannot see, the pretty follies that they themselves commit. – William Shakespeare

Marriage is not a cure-all. Holy wedlock can end up in unholy deadlock! Don’t ignore caution signs.

Here are the 7 times when you should pause your decision to get married:
1. Pause the marriage decision when it is a “now or never” ultimatum. Genuine love always lasts
2. Pause and rethink when your partner is much more eager than you or vice versa. Do not rush
3. Pause the marriage decision when the point of marriage is to change you or your partner
4. Pause and rethink when your parents object or are not enthusiastic. Remember, you don’t just marry a person but a family. The extended family is more important than many realize. Try to understand your parents’ reasons for any reservations and take time to consider their views. Don’t be too quick with your answers and counter-objectives.
5. Go slowly even if there is pregnancy. Marriage may be right but sudden marriage may lead to lifelong regrets and unhappiness. The child may suffer if the marriage is unhappy. Single parenting, grandparenting or adoption is other alternatives.
6. Pause when you have serious doubts. You should, however, recognize that it is a step of faith to make a lifelong commitment to a person.
7. Go slowly if either of you is not ready to make a home. Don’t marry just because all your friends are doing it or because you are attracted sexually.

Now that you have read this, we hope you will make the best decision for yourself!

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